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Homeowners who want to borrow more at the lowest charges

An owner credit is really just an installment loan, but especially for the small group of people who have a home whose value is much higher than the debt. This gives you the option to borrow much higher amounts with a longer duration. Depending on the situation, even up to 20 years!

Moreover, in some cases the interest is much lower than with a normal LOA. We will gladly calculate whether this is also the case in your situation for you.

Owner credit: merge loans

Owner credit: merge loans

Because in most cases owner credits are also used for merging loans and / or centralizing loans, you can rest assured that we will calculate the best solution for your personal situation at the lowest costs … Certainly!

NEW: the owner’s credit for movable purposes

You can also borrow for your car, boat or trip at the advantageous conditions of a mortgage loan. Discover HypConsume, the owner credit that is gentle on your budget.

Owner’s credit HypConsume: what is it?

HypConsume – a new version of the owner credit – is an attractive way to borrow. You enjoy all the benefits of a mortgage loan – such as a longer loan period and a lower interest rate. But you use the loan amount to improve your quality of life, the way you want.

Buy a car, buy a boat, renew your interior or pay off other outstanding debts? With HypConsume you can borrow the amount of your choice – without having to pay high installments every month.

Use a mortgage loan for another purchase: is that allowed?

Use a mortgage loan for another purchase: is that allowed?

Yes, you can, in the form of an owner credit. Since 1 April 2017, the mortgage loan with moveable destination has existed. That is a difficult term to say something very simple: you can take out a mortgage for a purpose other than the purchase of a house.

The big advantage for you, the consumer: you pay a lot less each month, because you can spread your loan over a longer period. The interest rates are also a lot lower, which makes it all very attractive.

Mortgage Brokers is the first lender to offer this renewed owner credit. Knowing more? Contact us now!

HypConsume: this is how the new owner credit works

The loan that is taken out with a HypConsume falls under the law of mortgages. That is, it is actually an installment loan – an LOA. But with a mortgage registration.

The interest rate is a lot lower than that of an installment loan. This ensures a lower monthly payment. You can also repay the loan in the longer term. In this way you save a lot of money every month and you can live more comfortably.

How do you benefit from it?

How do you benefit from it?

What can you use your HypConsume for? This owner’s credit is perfectly suited for …

  • Bundling non-mortgage loans at a much lower interest rate.
  • Buying a new or used vehicle.
  • Purchasing a boat.
  • Making trips or cruises.
  • Paying private debts or business debts (VAT, social security, taxes …)

The possibilities are endless. Discuss your owner credit with our advisors: contact us!

What are the conditions for HypConsume?

To be eligible for a HypConsume, there are a number of conditions. You must comply with this to be able to apply for an owner credit. Do you recognize yourself in this ?:

  • The loan amount is higher than 37,000 euros.
  • The duration is a maximum of 20 years.
  • You will receive a maximum of € 200,000 per home that you own.
  • The loan expires before you turn 75.

This is how HypConsume works: the story of Rudy and Monique

Mobile home

Mobile home

Rudy and Monique own a house together. They decide to purchase a mobile home – a dream of many years. They go to the bank, but an installment loan appears to be too expensive. Just when they want to put away their dream, they visit Mortgage Brokers. Their adviser proposes the new owner’s credit – Hypconsume – to them.

The purchase of the mobile home does not take a big bite out of their monthly budget. The loan is spread over a longer period. The costs for a mortgage registration and the notarial deed are included in the proposal. This turned out to be the best solution for this couple, who is now enjoying a wonderful trip with their brand new mobile home.

This is how HypConsume works: the story of Valerie and Ahmet

Monthly burden down

Valerie and Ahmet’s mortgage has almost been repaid. But they pay themselves blue every month to other loans they still have. Ahmet’s brother tells them about HypConsume and the couple decides to visit Mortgage Brokers and discover the owner’s credit.

Thanks to HypConsume, Ahmet and Valerie can spread their repayments over a much longer period. Their monthly charge is falling sharply. And the existing mortgage was included in the current credit. The result? Even the new kitchen they wanted to place was included in the calculation. And they still pay 400 euros a month less than before.

Are you the owner of a home and would you like to borrow for an expensive purchase at an affordable price? Or do you want to merge your current loans and benefit from considerably lower monthly payments? Discover how you realize your dreams and how more money is left over every month with HypConsume?