Non-bank Loan – Top 5 Providers

A non-bank loan of no purpose – TOP 5 providers

One of the benefits of purpose-free loans is exactly what they are saying – no obligation to document money usage. Such credit is particularly useful in the event of unexpected expenses, but also in the financing of holiday, rental and in many other cases. Called. “Loan for Anything” is one of the core products offered by non-bank companies. It is an adequate alternative to a loan from a bank that has its own specificities.
We provide you with substantial information on purpose-free loans, along with an overview of the TOP 5 providers of such products on the following lines.
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  • 1 What is necessary to know about non-bank loans?
  • 2 TOP 5 non-bank non-bank loans providers
    • 2.1 Homecredit
    • 2.2 Quatro loan
    • 2.3 Silverside
    • 2.4 TIP: Read a detailed review of Silverside loans.
    • 2.5 TESCO
    • 2.6
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What is necessary to know about non-bank loans?

What is necessary to know about non-bank loans?
Banks have relatively strict lending criteria, not everyone has easy access to their products. These institutions have a huge amount of finances and commitments and therefore they need to be 100% sure that the clients are solvent and that no complications arise when paying off their debts. For people who the bank has refused to grant credit, a non-bank alternative is a more affordable alternative .
Everybody won’t get credit
They are still governed and controlled by the state , but their conditions are often more benevolent – targeted at people who have not been in the bank. However , this does not mean that the loan gets them where they are . A non-purpose loan is a financial liability like any other, so a potential client must meet certain conditions .
Nowadays, it is primarily a proof of regular income without which only a few non-bank companies will lend you. Without it, it is not certain that a person will be able to repay a loan and that is a risk that creditors rarely take. After all, the final amount of the loan usually depends on the amount of income of the candidate. This is a reasonable measure that protects both providers and clients (a non-banknote does not lend more than you are able to repay).
Consider whether to repay the loans
Equally important is to point out the risks of indiscriminate borrowing . If a person takes a loan to repay previous financial liabilities , he can very easily get into the so-called loop, respectively. a carousel of debts from which it is difficult to come out. Therefore, the borrower should only approach the loan after careful consideration of all risks and commitments, and especially only if he is sure of his ability to repay , and it is necessary to stay on the ground and think realistically.
The other side of the coin conceals the benefits of this type of loan, particularly the speed and simplicity of the loan facility (of course, subject to predetermined conditions). A person can have money in the account within a few hours (or the next business day) of submitting and approving the application. A loan without proof of purpose is indeed usable for anything, the client does not have to prove just one cent paid.
Let’s summarize in points the main advantages and disadvantages of non-bank loans.

  • speed and ease of equipment
  • no obligation to document the purpose
  • relatively flexible range of borrowed amounts
  • if the client reads the contract carefully, he knows how much and when he will pay off – without hidden charges


  • hardly any non-bank will lend you without proof of income
  • the amount of credit often depends on the amount of income
  • in any loan, there is a risk of collapsing in the installment chain
  • it is necessary to thoroughly study the conditions of provision so that the candidate is already aware of all fees and consults

TOP 5 providers of non-bank loans

TOP 5 providers of non-bank loans
Finally, we provide you with an overview of five verified providers of this type of credit, each with all the relevant data and, where appropriate, specifics.


  • loan from € 400 to € 6,000
  • maturity from 12 to 84 months
  • it is handled via the form on the site or by phone
  • the ID card and one other proof of identity are also required from the documents, as well as the receipt of income (pay slips, the amount of the pension, etc.), as well as the data on the employer and / or the employer. business
  • it is possible to equip the A smart card with which a client receives a wide range of assistance services

Quatro loan

  • The non-bank company Quatro allows you to get a loan quickly for any applicant who has a regular income .
  • The loan can be obtained quickly from the comfort of home within 24 hours.
  • The loan is purposeless, but the company verifies defaulters.
  • Equipping a Quatro fast loan very simple and fast. It can be requested on-line, over the phone and also in person at the company’s branch.
  • The loan amount you can apply for is from € 600 to € 5,000 .
  • Maturity – 12, 24, 36, 46 or up to 60 months.


The newcomer to our financial market has immediately won his supporters despite a more rigorous credit rating. However, this means lower interest rates compared to other competing companies.

  • loan from 500 to 5 000 €
  • maturity from 12 to 60 months
  • the application can be submitted online , by phone or by personal visit to the branch, the signature of the contract is always in person at the workplace
  • the ID card and one other identity document, as well as an account statement, receipt, or other documents proving income and expenses are required from the documents
  • in case of interest, the client may request a change in the payment schedule

TIP: Read a detailed review of Silverside loans .


Tesco Financial Services is particularly popular because of its availability. Consultancy stands can be found in almost every larger hypermarket.

  • you can borrow from 400 to 6 000 €
  • maturity from 12 to 84 months
  • it is handled via the form on the site or by phone
  • the ID card and one other proof of identity are also required from the documents, as well as a receipt of income and data on the employer, respectively. business (at self-employed)
  • after each sixth installment it is possible to postpone another free of charge


Toppôžič has a high approval and fast approval of applications. You can have money in your account within an hour.

  • borrow you from 65 to 6,500 €
  • maturity from 7 days to 42 months, with Mini loan up to 500 € repayment period from 1 to 30 days
  • it is handled via the form on the site and then by phone
  • two identity documents, a bank statement and a receipt are required
  • it is not a direct lender, associates several proven providers, will send your request to everyone, and only those who can give you a loan


Even if you do not succeed with your bank application, you can still get a purpose-free loan with comparable interest. Their parameters are similar to bank loans, but a less stringent credit rating allows you to get a loan even with registry problems or lower earnings